Two N' Four Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Under Christine Tavares-Mocha's direction, Two N' Four travels the world with the goal of storytelling through music. Through the love of jazz, these students focus everyday of honoring the traditions of the past and studying / shaping the jazz sound for the future. Valencia Two N' Four's goal in every performance is to inspire, uplift, and cultivate community through song. 

Director: Christine Tavares-Mocha

Rhythm Section: Adrian Rosen (bass), Brandon Dickert (drums), and Marty Hillman (Piano)

2024-2025 Two N' Four (Period 0)

  1. Birdie DeFreitas
  2. Stevie Petree
  3. Kayla Nam
  4. Kayla Martinez
  5. Ella Freed
  6. Lauren Hurley
  7. Ella Ray
  8. Rachel Patterson
  9. James Stockman
  10. Lucas Santos
  11. Daniel Heringer
  12. Maddox Espinosa
  13. Henry Egami
  14. Joel Priesz
  15. Zach Mohler
  16. Madison Medland 
  17. Spencer Allport
  18. Jonathan McPhee

2023-2024 Two N' Four (Period 0)

  1. Spencer Allport 
  2. Micah Banaag 
  3. Ava Cronk 
  4. Birdie DeFreitas 
  5. Maddox Espinosa
  6. Ella Freed 
  7. Daniel Heringer 
  8. Lauren Hurley
  9. Donovan Krejcarek
  10. Tomi Lessis
  11. Kayla Martinez 
  12. Jonathan McPhee 
  13. Zach Mohler 
  14. Stevie Petree 
  15. Ella Ray
  16. Lucas Santos
  17. Aarya Shah
  18. James Stockman
  19. Promiz Thomas 



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