Do you want to be part of VHS Choir? 

Email Mrs. Christine Tavares-Mocha at
Watch the video below, then email up to 60 seconds of you singing a cappella
(without accompaniment).
List in the Subject line of the email your: 
Name and Grade 

Is it possible to take choir all four years? 

Yes. It is also possible to be on a team sport or extra-curricular activity. Co-curricular students excel in choir as long as they email their schedule in advance. Please email for more information.

Top five facts about VHS Choir

1. There are no rehearsals after school except for the dress rehearsal before a show.

2. Students who are in band, sports, ASB or Drama can be in Choir without a conflict. In fact, we ENCOURAGE IT – it will make you a better performer!

3. Choir puts on many fundraisers a year to earn money for tour. One fundraiser, the annual school Swing Dance has Choir students singing Jazz solos backed up by a live combo.

4. Participation in choir costs less than any other extra-curricular activity at VHS.

5. Under the direction of Mrs. Christine Tavares-Mocha, the VHS Choirs have performed in the Walt Disney Hall, Carnegie Hall, Hawaii, Fullerton Jazz Festival, Reno Jazz Festival, UNC Jazz Festival, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Performing Arts Center, Disney's Candlelight Processional, Norte Dame Cathedral in Paris and St. Peter's Cathedral.