VHS Choir Council


  • Presidents: James Stockman and Kayla Nam
  • Vice Presidents: Maddy Spencer and Rachel Patterson
  • Secretary: Audrey Ginsberg
  • Publicity: Kayla Martinez
  • Librarian: Amanda Curtis
  • Sprit Leaders: Isla Bruner, Maddox Espinosa, Ella Freed, Cayden McNaught
  • Head Stage Manager: Ren Corso
  • Stage Hands: Lucas Santos, Ben Ross, Sofia Larrazabal, Riot King, Menna Endo, Belos Schubert
  • Lights: Isla Bruner, Amaya Briggs
  • Photographers: Kayla Martinez, Eleanor Keegan Gross, Mars Petri
  • Decorations: Ricky Lucero, Makenna Leake, and Bria Birdtail
  • Assistant Choreographer: Madeline Teague
  • Treble Assistant Conductors: MJ Rizzo Ruiz, Riot King
  • Concert Assistant Conductors | Section - 1st Soprano (and Choreography): Stevie Petree
  • Concert Assistant Conductors | Section - 2nd Soprano: Lauren Hurley
  • Concert Assistant Conductors | Section - Alto (rehearsal accompanist when needed): Juliette Teague
  • Concert Assistant Conductors | Section - Tenor 1: Lucas Santos
  • Concert Assistant Conductors | Section - Tenor 2: Daniel Heringer
  • Concert Assistant Conductors | Section - Baritone: Jonathan McPhee
  • Concert Assistant Conductors | Section - Bass: Maddox Espinosa
  • Show Assistant Conductors | Section - Tenor: Belos Schubert
  • Show Assistant Conductors | Section - Alto: Annalise Egami
  • Show Assistant Conductors | Section - Soprano (and Choreography): Madeline Teague
  • Show Assistant Conductors | Section - Bass (and Theory): James Stockman


  • Presidents: Emily L'Herault and Aarya Shah
  • Vice Presidents: Ava Boyer and Micah Banaag
  • Secretary: Uche Nwadiashi
  • Treasurers: Keila Viray and Amanda Curtis
  • Fundraising:  Keila Viray
  • Librarians: Amanda Curtis, Audrey Ginsburg, Angela Jonson, Elise Hoppe, Hadley Huntzinger, Stevie Petree
  • Spirit Leaders: Brayden Payne and Ella Freed
  • Photographers:  Kayla Nam, Chris Rice, Ava Cronk
  • Social Media Managers: Donovan Krejcarek and Gianna Montesclaros
  • Head Stage Manager: Josani/Nyx Mangrobang
  • Stage Managers: Ren Corso, Lucas Santos, Chelsea De La Calzada, Zoie Schubert, James Stockman
  • Lighting Director: Tavishi Raghunathan
  • Decorators: Maddy Spencer and Rachel Patterson
  • Concert Choir Assistant Conductor | Section Leader, Bass: Maddox Espinosa
  • Concert Choir Assistant Conductor | Section Leader, Tenor: Lucas Santos
  • Concert Choir Assistant Conductor | Section Leader, Soprano: Tavishi Raghunathan
  • Concert Choir Assistant Conductor | Section Leader, Second Soprano (and Attendance): Ella Freed
  • Concert Choir Assistant Conductor | Section Leader, Alto: Promiz Thomas
  • Treble Assistant Conductors: Elise Hoppe, Hadley Huntzinger, Pari Alamdari
  • Show Choir Assistant Conductor(s) | Vocal / Musicianship: James Stockman, Jonathan McPhee, Daniel Heringer
  • Show Choir Manager (attendance, formation, placement, costume design/moodboard, lighting, storyarc theme etc):  Daniel Heringer
  • Student Choreographers: Kayla Donovan (show), Hailey Priesz (show), Katie Elliot (show), Stevie Petree (concert)

Meet Your Council


Emily L'Herault and Aarya Shah

Hey guys!! We are Emily L’Herault and Aarya Shah. We are going to be your ‘23-24 choir presidents. We are seniors and this will be our fourth year in choir, and we are so excited to be in this position! As your presidents, we cannot wait to work with everyone on an incredible upcoming year. Both of us want to make choir the best it can be. We cannot wait to complete our third year in council together! 

Co-Vice President

Ava Boyer

Hey guys!! I am Ava Boyer and I will be your vice president alongside Micah Banaag in the upcoming school year:). I will be a senior this year and wish to give back to the choir for all the memories it has given me. Choir has always been such a safe space for me and I hope to recreate that feeling for everyone else. I am so excited for the upcoming school year! 

Co-Vice President

Micah Banaag

Hi, everyone! My name is Micah Banaag and I’m one of your 2023-2024 co-vice presidents along with the amazing Ava Boyer. I’m a senior this year and this is my fourth year in Valencia Choir and my third year in vocal jazz. Choir has made such a positive impact on my life and I can’t wait to give back and do my part to make choir the best it can be through being one of your vice presidents. Here’s to a great year :)


Uche Nwadiashi

Hi my name is Uche Nwadiashi, and I am this year’s secretary. I’m a senior and this is my fourth year in choir. Being part of choir these last 3 years has been an amazing experience. I’m so glad to be able to give back this year through my work as secretary. I’m looking forward to all the fun events council has in store for choir this year. And I’m so excited to make this last year of choir my best one yet! 

Co-Treasurer, Fundraising

Keila Viray

Co-Treasurer, Librarian

Amanda Curtis

Hello! I’m Amanda Curtis. I’m thrilled to be one of the treasurers/librarians for choir this year! Although I haven’t been here very long, I feel like the choir community at our school is such a fun and welcoming place and I’m so glad that I get to be a part of it. I’m so excited to make new friends and help make our choir even better this year! I can’t wait to start a fantastic new year with everyone!!