Throughout the year, we offer many fundraisers to help with choir expenses. There are two types of fundraisers we do: Student Fundraisers and General Fundraisers.

Student Fundraisers

These fundraisers help students raise money which they can then use to pay for choral expenses like festival and travel fees, wardrobe, etc. Some examples of these fundraisers are World's Finest Chocolates, See's Candies, or Krispy Kreme sales. We also do SnapRaise! campaigns. Money collected through these fundraisers is handled by ASB.  For questions regarding ASB contributions, please email

General Fundraisers

We also hold fundraisers that raise money for the choir as a whole to pay for music, accompanists, choreographers, buses, festival fees, and many other things that choir needs throughout the year. These general fundraisers include monthly Restaurant Nights, Swing Dance Night, A Night in Little Italy, America's Got Talent Live Tapings, Silent Auctions, Holiday Boutique, etc.  These fundraisers are organized by the Valencia Vikings Choir Boosters. When donating/paying by check, make sure that all checks are payable to Valencia Vikings Choir Booster Club. The Valencia Vikings Choir Booster Club is a nonprofit 501c3 organization, and all donations are tax-deductible. To obtain the tax ID, please email See the Booster Fundraisers page for more info.

Thank you so much for your support! Please feel free to email Mrs. Mocha at or the Booster Board at with any questions.  

Here are just a few fundraisers to look forward to:

Studio Audience Tapings

Swing Dance Night

A Night In Little Italy

Solo Night at Pagter Brothers

Silent Auction

Holiday Boutique

Casino Night

Restaurant Nights